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August 12 What Happened Today   

August 12, 2014
Relive history in today's edition of What Happened Today.

Electrifying Public Transit   

August 11, 2014
Link Transit's program to use electric trolleys in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee has seen its fair share of hiccups and setbacks, but they hoping to turn that around now. A new battery in one trolley has been running solidly for a couple weeks. Eric West with Link Transit and Linda Haglund with the Wenatchee Downtown Assoc. swing by the studio to talk about the electric trolleys and an event Aug. 26 to promote taking public transit.

Chumstick Highway - More TLC Please   

August 11, 2014
One seldom-covered element of fire season is the effects of road detours, specifically over the Chumstick Highway. And it’s not even fire – heavy snow can close Highway 2 through the Tumwater and transplant cars and trucks onto the Chumstick. However, that highway was never built to handle such traffic. For a look at Chelan County Public Work’s continued efforts to keep the Chumstick up to snuff, Dan Langager sat down with their director Mitch Reister.

August 11 What Happened Today   

August 11, 2014
Relive history in today's edition of What Happened Today.

Helping the Chronically Homeless   

August 08, 2014
Homelessness isn't unique to the Wenatchee Valley, but each community must make choices how to mitigate their individual issues and needs within their homeless population. Wenatchee Police Chief Tom Robbins and Community and Economic Development Director Steve King join Clint in the KOHO studio to talk about factors that play into homelessness in our area and how the city is working to assist with those needs.

Protecting Our Children Part 4   

August 08, 2014
Wrapping up our coverage today on Child Protective Services here on KOHO. News intern Bryce Newberry reports in this fourth and final installment on the challenges facing Chelan and Douglas counties when it comes to treating parents and caring for children.

School Continues this Summer in the Great Outdoors   

August 08, 2014
Although some may cringe at the idea of classes this time of year, some local programs through Washington State University are putting the cool in summer school. Experiential Programs Coordinator with Chelan County Extension of WSU Hana Butler has been getting kids into the great outdoors to learn about ecosystems, stewardship and the joys of just playing outside. Dan Langager sat down with Hana Butler for the details on all their summer programs.

Cashmere Mill Site Cleanup Continues   

August 08, 2014
Business Development Director with the Port of Chelan County Craig Larsen swings by the KOHO studio to talk about the Phase 2 cleanup of the Cashmere Mill Site and a public business lunch the Port is hosting Monday Aug. 11 at the Cashmere Riverside Center.

August 8 What Happened Today   

August 08, 2014
Relive history in today's edition of What Happened Today.

Chelan County Sheriff's Update   

August 07, 2014
Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett joins Clint in the KOHO studio to talk about his office's response to fire season this year and give a recap on this year's National Night Out.

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