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Wenatchee School District Revamping Risk Policies   

December 10, 2014
Two tragic events — a drowning and three alleged rapes — in the Wenatchee School District in the last three years have rattled district administrators to make a change. Board members and staff now look to update current and potentially implement new risk management policies. KOHO News Intern Bryce Newberry was at the board meeting last night and filed this report on the latest in the district’s policy revamp.

City of Leavenworth Update   

December 10, 2014
Leavenworth Mayor Cheri Farivar and City Administrator Joel Walinski join Clint for their regular chat to talk about the Urban Growth Area, utility rate increases next year and the continued planning for the Meadowlark Housing Development.

Suspect Arrested in Human Remains Investigation   

December 10, 2014
Chelan County Sheriff's deputies arrested a suspect yesterday in relation to an invesitgation into human remains found near Manson in August. Jay Witherbee with sister station KOZI has the details.

Outdoor Report   

December 10, 2014
In this week's KOHO Outdoor Report, Andy Dappen joins Clint to talk about the wet winter weather, staying off muddy trails, scrappy skiing and Echo Ridge.

December 10 What Happened Today   

December 10, 2014
Relive history in today's edition of What Happened Today.

Wenatchee Valley Sports Tourism 2014 Recap   

December 09, 2014
Sports Tourism Director with the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce Matt Kearny swings by the KOHO studio to recap this year's sports tourism, the economic impact it brings to the valley, what outsiders love about our area and looking ahead to 2015 and beyond.

The Road More Traveled - N. Wenatchee Ave.    

December 09, 2014
For anyone who’s spent time traveling North Wenatchee Avenue during rush hour, you know it gets pretty packed. City engineers are exploring options for how to ease the gridlock in that area, with one project next year to install a traffic signal at the corner of the Ave. and McKittrick St. For a closer look at how the city can mitigate North Wenatchee Ave., Dan Langager spoke with City Engineer Gary Owen.

Chelan County PUD Update   

December 09, 2014
Public Information Officer with the Chelan County Public Utility District Kimberlee Craig joins Clint in the KOHO studio for our regular PUD chat to talk about the ins and outs of installing generators and saying goodbye to Commissioner Norm Gutzwiler.

December 9 What Happened Today   

December 09, 2014
Relive history in today's edition of What Happened Today.

The Story of Wolves in Chelan County   

December 08, 2014
Chelan County and others in Eastern Washington hold a unique distinction of intermixing the urban, the rural and the wilderness. A great place for recreationists and farmers. But troublesome when the wildlife within that wilderness clashes with our urban or suburban areas. For many in northeastern Washington – that’s wolves. But just how much of a problem do wolf packs present here in the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding region? To answer that question, Dan Langager spoke with a local Fish and Wildlife Department wolf biologist Scott Becker.

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