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Etown is an exciting weekly radio broadcast heard from coast to coast on NPR, public and commercial stations. Every etown show is taped in front of a live audience and features performances from many of today's top musical artists as well as conversations and information about the world around us. At etown, we build community through music.

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10 Tips For A Sustainable Thanksgiving

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 02:50

Preparing a sustainable meal can be a selfish endeavor; I guarantee you that it will be more fun, tastier and make for a good conversation at your table. However, it’s also about our global community; you’ll help to prevent the emission of greenhouse gas emissions, the slaughter of animals living under inhumane conditions, meet local farmers and help to foster the establishment of a more equitable food system through your creation of the biggest American meal of the year.

1. Buy organic. Organic produce and products are so commonplace now that Coca-Cola and Doritos are practically getting pushed off shelves to make extra space for these hot items. Try to purchase from a small, local farmer, but if you can’t find one, then you can stock up on your Thanksgiving goods at any major retailer. By choosing organic foods, you are helping to prevent the usage of millions of pounds of poisonous pesticides and fertilizers and emission of greenhouse gas emissions. Best of all, organic foods taste better.

2. Save a turkey. Choose the most humane option that will significantly lighten your environmental impact by having a meat-free meal. You can make your centerpiece a hearty, fall-themed vegetarian dish or opt for a tofurkey. Either way, you’ll be saying no to our industrial food system, reducing your global warming contribution and saying yes to a healthy, happy meal. You can also make a turkey happy by adopting it.Yes, you read correctly, save a turkey from the chopping block and give it the gift of a happy home at Farm Sanctuary. For those of you who roll their eyes at my incredible suggestion in tip two of going meat-free on Thanksgiving. If you fall into that camp, I’d suggest you opt for a humanely-raised turkey.

3. Get down and dirty with your food by starting a garden in your yard, porch, window sill or community garden. While the crops won’t be ready for this year’s feast, start now to grow and harvest a bountiful collection of herbs and produce for 2010.

10 Tips for a Sustainable Thanksgiving - eTown

4. Save your scraps. Start your own compost bin with all of your fruit and veggie scraps. By composting, you prevent useful food scraps from ending up buried in landfills and you’ll be able to apply your nutrient-dense soil to your new garden.

5. Dig chicks. I share my small backyard with neighbors in Los Angeles, who are generally tolerant of my outdoor clothes drying, composting and gardening, but I know bringing chickens home would push our respectful relationship over the edge. However, for millions of Americans with their own, private backyards, raising your own chickens is a reasonable feat. Imagine collecting eggs early Thanksgiving morning to enjoy while preparing a pie or soufflé for the big meal. You can learn about how to do this from my 12-year old friend Orren Fox who raises his own backyard chickens.

6. Read labels. When purchasing Thanksgiving items at the market, choose items whose labels you can read. I’m not referring to the font size, which can sometimes make you feel like you’re doing an ad-hoc eye exam at the store. Rather, choose products with five ingredients or less and with words that make sense. If it’s unpronounceable to your mouth, imagine how disagreeable it will be to your stomach.

7. Go union. Millions of workers toil daily in fields across the country to bring foods to your table. Look for a union label when buying for your meal to ensure that you’re foods harvested by people who are the backbone of our country.

8. Celebrate diversity. By eating endangered foods, you’re actually helping their survival. I’m not referring to a Gray Whale or African Elephant but to things like a Sierra Beauty Apple, Bull Nose large Bell Pepper, Sheboygan Tomato and Sea Island Red Peas. Eat these beauties to help keep our food sources diverse, support farmers keeping these varieties alive and enjoy consuming new foods (how can you not love something called Bull Nose?).

9. Go paperless. I’m not referring to getting your bank statements via email but forsaking paper products and opting instead for reusable cutlery, napkins, plates and glasses. Add extra beauty to your table by collecting leaves and other outside goodies as centerpieces.

10. Drink (tap) water. Skip wasteful, unregulated bottled water in favor of tasty, reliable zero-calorie tap water. If you’re concerned about the quality of H2O from your kitchen faucet, invest in a water purifier. Drinking tap water might not make you look like Jennifer Aniston but you’ll definitely look a lot smarter than her with a plastic bottle.

via HuffPost Food

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eTown ‘After Midnight’ with J.J. Cale (2002)!

Fri, 11/13/2015 - 07:09

It goes without saying that the late J.J. Cale was one of the most influential songwriters of our time. Over a career that spanned more than a dozen albums of his own, beginning with Naturally in 1972, Cale cultivated a quiet anonymity, doing few interviews, rarely performing live, and keeping his picture off his album covers in the first decade and a half of his career. However, in spite of his low profile, Cale exerted an influence on multiple generations of musicians (and many more to come) that is prevalent all over popular music today.

We had the pleasure of welcoming J.J. to eTown back in August of 2002 for a rousing performance that featured intimate solo tunes along with a few rockin’ classics with his band including one of his most famous tunes ‘After Midnight’ (made famous by Eric Clapton).

Also featured on this show was English singer/songwriter Beth Orton. Beth, who is known for her ‘folktronica’ sound, which mixes elements of folk and electronica, provided the eTown audience with an intimate, stripped down acoustic set and later in the show, being a J.J. Cale fan herself, Beth joined J.J. and his band on J.J.’s classic “Cajun Moon” to close out the show!

Kick back and enjoy the timeless songwriting of Mr. J.J. Cale.


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eTown Archive – Little Feat & Janis Ian (1994)!

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 21:00

This week we are throwing it back to this absolutely incredible show featuring the legendary American rock band Little Feat as well as equally legendary singer/songwriter Janis Ian!

Sit back and enjoy this gem from the eTown archives and if you feel inclined leave a comment below to tell us what you thought about the show!

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Germany Could Be a Model for How We’ll Get Renewable Power in the Future

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 02:21
Germany Will Reach 33% Renewable Electricity This Year.

On July 25, 2015, Germany obtained 78% of its electricity from renewable sources. That was a new record, albeit for a single day. Up until now, the European leader has not produced more than 27% green energy in a year. According to a joint press release from the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden – Württemberg ( ZSW ) and the German Association of Energy and Water Industries ( BDEW ), Germany will reach 33% renewable electricity this year.

A Preliminary Estimate 16363111872_cf251a355d_k-1038x576Germany is expected to produce around 193 billion kilowatt hours (billion kWh) of electricity from solar, wind and other renewable sources. That’s about one fifth more than the 161 billion kWh, or 27% of gross electricity consumption, in 2014.

Though this is a preliminary estimate, on 31 October 2015 wind energy had already supplied 47% more electricity (63 billion kWh) than during the same time period in 2014.

Though the late autumn weather tends to be unpredictable, Germany’s solar sector has already provided as much electricity during that 10 month period (35 billion kWh) as the whole of 2014.


Renewables Continue To Grow In Importance

19490390425_ad57b5ee40_k“Regardless of the exact ratio come the end of the year, it has been made clear once again that renewable energy continues to gain importance in the German electricity mix. At the same time, the need for action to integrate renewable energy into the overall power generation system grows: The appropriate design of the necessary structures must be expedited urgently. The BDEW [German Association of Energy and Water Industries] has already put forward constructive recommendations. Furthermore, no time must be lost in the expansion of the transmission and distribution networks,” says Hildegard Müller, chair of the BDEW management board.

Frithjof Staiß, executive director of the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research ZSW, adds: “If renewable energies now meet one third of electricity demand, it is clear that this element of the Energiewende [Germany’s energy transition] is on a promising path. The rising share from renewable sources makes Germany less dependent on fossil fuels, thereby helping it to achieve its climate protection targets. Nevertheless, further efforts are needed which go beyond power generation alone: Electricity, heat and mobility need to be linked more closely with each other and optimized as an integrated system.”

“Even if we don’t hit 33%, the overall increase in Germany’s renewable energy share is terrific news,” said Thomas Grigoleit, Director of Energy, Environment and Resources at Germany Trade and Invest. “Not only does it show how important this aspect is in terms of Germany’s Energiewende and climate change targets, it confirms Germany’s pioneering position in the industry. Germany is able not only to install this capacity but integrate it effectively into the grid.”

by Roy L. Hales

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eTown Archive – 5.12.2010 – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals / Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 21:00

This week we’ve dug up a show from May of 2010 that promises to take you on an eclectic and exciting musical journey.

On the show, our hosts Nick & Helen Forster welcomed Grace Potter & The Nocturnals to eTown for their first visit. At the time Grace and her band were emerging as one of the nation’s foremost rock bands with a rabid fan following. (Rolling Stone named them one of the Best New Bands of 2010!). Now, in 2015, Grace has solidified herself as one of the foremost female rockers in music today.

Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore / Grace PotterAlso on the show is the acoustically driven duo of Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore, featuring Ben on cello and vocals and Daniel on guitar and vocals. “Sollee’s deft stringwork adds an uncommon dimension to his songs about life and love.” (Paste Magazine).

Sit back, enjoy, and if you feel inclined, leave a comment at the bottom of the page to let us know what you thought as well as what other shows from the eTown archives you would like us to revisit!

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