Wildfire Reported Near Tumwater Along Hwy 2

August 18, 2011




It was a busy day for fire crews and law enforcement Wednesday, with fires, road

closures, and a power outage.
A fire broke out at about 2pm on Highway 2 in the Tumwater Canyon outside

Leavenworth, near rock slope stabilization work. Multiple air and ground crews responded, and Highway 2 was closed

due to falling rocks and hazards to the public from the brush fire. That fire has been estimated at 40 acres and

is expected to grow overnight, but officials said they remain fairly confident they have the resources needed to

keep the blaze in check.
    Traffic was routed through Chumstick Highway, which was also

briefly closed just before 4pm due to a tree limb falling on power lines at Spromberg Canyon. About 700 PUD

customers briefly lost power, but crews restored electricity to most houses and had the road opened within about

20 minutes.
    Down the valley a 2 alarm house fire burned in the Baker Flats area north of

East Wenatchee on Highway 2/97. That fire started just before 4pm and briefly closed highway 97, but the DOT was

soon able to open one lane to alternating traffic.
    We have no word yet on the cause of

either of these fires.


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Emergency officials report a wildfire has broken out in the Tumwater

area along Highway 2. Fire officials say the fire is around 2 acres right now. Officials are

scrambling to fight the burn, with coordinators calling for air and ground resources, with likely more on the



"font-size: 16pt">The National Weather Service has called for a “red flag” warning today, with winds

expected anywhere from 20-30 miles per hour, with possible gusts up to 40 mph. 

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The fire

could cause some massive travel headaches tonight. Fire officials are preparing to close Highway 2 to

traffic and reroute along the Chumstick.  Folks making their travel plans to or from Seattle should plan

accordingly and strongly consider taking I-90 Snoqualmie Pass before 7:30. WSDOT officials plan on closing

I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass as well at 7:30 for previously planned construction work.

KOHO will give you

updates as we learn more details.



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