Wenatchee Reverend Objects to Secularist Billboard

May 06, 2011


Freedom From Religion Foundation and NCW Freethinkers unveiled a billboard in Wenatchee this week that decries the

dangers of mixing church and state. The billboard was timed to coincide with Thursday’s National Day of



Rev. Bob Shepard of Serve Wenatchee Valley led a National Day of Prayer

service in Wenatchee’s Memorial Park Thursday afternoon as part of the Washington State Apple Blossom

Festival. He objected to the secularist billboard.


Rev. Shepard said ours is a nation

based on the principal of freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.



National Day of Prayer service was held at Wenatchee’s Memorial park at 6pm yesterday, and Rev. Shepard said

he would use that venue reinforce the importance of faith and prayer in the founding and governance of our



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