Wenatchee Parents Hold Meeting to Discuss Make Your Day Alternative

March 06, 2012

A group of parents has scheduled a public meeting

to address concerns with the Wenatchee School District’s Make Your Day program, and proposed an alternative

behavioral program for elementary kids.


The parent group says that the Make Your Day

program has a negative impact on students and that it can erode their self-esteem.


/>Wenatchee elementary and middle schools adopted Make Your Day in 1994. The philosophy is, “No one has the

right to interfere with the learning and safety of others.” Students who break that behavioral code are

placed on “steps” one to five. Consequences range from a short, in-class timeout to a parent-teacher



Make Your Day has drawn some criticism over the years. Now a parent group is

promoting a different program, Positive Behavior Intervention Systems, which teaches behavior and social skills

and uses positive reinforcements.
In January of 2010, district officials also heard from opponents of Make

Your Day but opted to keep the program.



Monday’s public meeting on

Make Your Day and the alternative Positive Behavior Intervention & Support model will be held at 7 p.m. at the

Wenatchee Community Center, 504 S. Chelan Ave.



Clint Strand spoke to meeting

organizer Jennifer Talbot by phone.