Wenatchee Mayor Eyes Supreme Court Debt Hearing

January 10, 2012

    The state Supreme Court will

wade into the Town Toyota Center default debate Tuesday. The high court has been asked by the Greater Wenatchee

Regional Events Center Public Facilities District, which owns the financially imperiled arena, to overturn a

lower-court decision that prevents the district from refinancing its nearly $42 million debt. The PFD is hoping

the high court will allow Wenatchee to back that debt, and rule that it does not exceed the city’s bonded

debt capacity of just over $20 million.
    Still, it’s unclear how the supreme

court’s decision will affect Wenatchee and the recent efforts by FPD member entities to pursue a sales tax

increase to help pay off the loan.
    To get the latest, KOHO’s Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

sat down with Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz
    The court could take months to issue a ruling,

but PFD attorney Pete Fraley said the district has requested a ruling on the debt capacity issue within 30