Wenatchee Council Gives Green Light to Urban Farming

March 14, 2011

Urban farming is growing in popularity around the country. City’s

such as Wenatchee are making it easier for homeowners living in the city limits to raise small farm animals

including chickens and rabbits for either egg production or Four-H projects. But before you go out and start

erecting a chicken coup in your back yard, you’ll want to get some how-to advice from an expert. Ray Faini Heads

up the Chelan County office of the Washington State University Cooperative Extension in Wenatchee. Another good

source of information on small urban farming is Bree Keeler, owner of Magler Farms in Quincy. Bree sells her eggs

to the Community Farm Connection in Wenatchee. She emphasizes the point that when you start a small-scale chicken

operation, you’re raising a pet not just a farm animal . There are numerous books available for beginners. Among

them, The Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care," by Frances Bassom. "Home to Roost," by Bob Sheasley,

and "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens," by Gail Damerow


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