Wenatchee City Council Ok's Regional Fire Authority Discussions

June 11, 2010

Forming a Regional Fire Authority to replace the three departments currently

serving the Greater Wenatchee area is an idea Wenatchee City Council wants to pursue. Last night the council

approved proceeding with formal discussions leading the possible merging of fire protection services with Chelan

County Fire District 1 and Douglas County Fire District 2. A letter will be sent to both rural fire districts

expressing the city's interest in pursuing the possble merger. Two council members have volunteered to represent

the City in future planning discussions. A third will be added later. Commissioners with the two rural districts

would then respond. Consolidating the three agencies into one regional fire authority is an idea that Wenatchee

Mayor Dennis Johnson finds appealing since the three entities already have in place mutual aid agreements for

fires in their shared service areas . Council members Tony Veeder and Jim Bailey will represent the city in future

regional fire authority discussions with a third representative to be named later.


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