Washingtonians Not at Risk from Japanese Nuclear Reactors

March 15, 2011

    As Japan

continues to reel from Friday’s record-breaking earthquake and subsequent tsunami, the region’s

destabilized nuclear reactors are among the most pressing concerns. There have been at least 3 explosions at the

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and fuel rods at various reactors are melting, though an official declined to

describe the event as a nuclear meltdown.
    Reactor explosions and releases of radioactive

steam have caused concern around the globe. People are worried about windblown radioactive particles landing at

their front door.
But those fears may be baseless here in Washington. The state Department of Health is

conducting ongoing air monitoring for radiation to see if the nuclear plant incident in Japan has affected

radiation levels in Washington. There have been no elevated readings.


Department of Health spokesman Donn Moyersaid the situation in Japan is rapidly changing, and that officials here

are keeping a close watch, but that Washingtonians have nothing to fear from these unstable nuclear reactors.

/>    Moyer joined KOHO’s Isaac Kaplan-Woolner by phone yesterday (Monday) afternoon from

Olympia. He said the Department of Health has been trying to calm fears of windblown radiation since the first

reactor explosion Saturday morning.

Moyer stressed that even in the event of a significant release from

the Japanese reactors, radiation would be diluted before reaching our state and levels would be so low no

protective action would be necessary. The state health department will continue its monitoring work as the

situation in Japan develops and changes.


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