10 million African children obese or overweight Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 14:31

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Obesity is on the rise in a rapidly urbanizing Africa.


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The Trump drama. It will not end. Here's what happened today in Iowa.


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British bookmakers have Donald Trump around even money to win GOP nomination Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 13:52

Trump’s chances of winning the GOP nomination has increased significantly, according to British oddsmakers.


Low-polling Republicans protest media coverage of Trump Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 13:36

Fiorina, Huckabee, Santorum and Gilmore protest attention given Trump


Amid denials, state workers in Flint got clean water Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 13:33

State officials could not immediately answer emailed questions about the water purchases, including how long the state continued to buy bott...


For the Record: Everyone hates debating — except O'Malley Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 13:20

A refusal to debate? Preconditions to show up? Unbelievable! But Trump is in good company — including Bernie, the entire GOP field, and Hill...


GE uses jet turbine tech for 'nuclear hot sauce' Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 12:34

Cutting-edge alloys will keep the 2 million Scovilles in check.


Reporter's notebook: Syrian migrants settle in Austria Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 12:29

Catching up with a family that fled war-torn Syria and settled in Austria.


Weekend blizzard ranks 4th worst among Northeast snowstorms Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 12:23

HAGERSTOWN, Md. — Last weekend’s crippling blizzard was the fourth-most powerful snowstorm to hit the Northeast in at least 66 years, the Na...


'Invisibles' delves into lives of White House slaves Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 12:14

Reporter Jesse J. Holland was riding a campaign bus with then-Sen. Barack Obama – and floating on the excitement over the possibility of an ...


Clinton flashbacks to 2008 may end after Iowa Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 12:01

As Clinton faces another Iowa cliffhanger, there are echoes of her White House bid — but also big differences.


Sonic boom rattles some on East Coast Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 11:56

The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that the rumblings were not from an earthquake, but from a sonic boom.


Wis. protest planned in support of Steven Avery Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 11:31

Protest organizer wants to try to change opinions about the case.


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Senate panel approves bill to boost protections for Europeans' data privacy Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 10:57

Europeans see the bill's passage as a way to restore trust in the U.S. tech industry.


Muslim advocacy group pens open letter to Iowans Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 10:51

25,000 Iowans will receive a letter from the Muslim Public Affairs Council on Friday asking them to reject divisive and discriminatory rheto...


Feds seek insurance sign-ups as clock ticks towards enrollment deadline Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 10:36

Four days before an enrollment deadline they vow not to extend, federal health officials on Thursday tried to dismiss suggestions Affordable...


Caucus 101: Iowa students hit the books before the polls Top Stories - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 10:35

13 students enrolled in the two-credit Grinnell Caucus Project went on the road last week for an up-close view of the Iowa Caucus.