Unseasonably Warm Weather Not A Concern For Cherry Growers... Yet

February 14, 2013


Like most people, you have

probably been enjoying these past days with sunshine and temperatures in the mid 40s and even up to the low 50s.

It is rare to have these spring-like temperatures for such a sustained period this early in the year, and

forecasters see more sun and mild weather in the future.

style="font-size: 14pt">       But what is good news for those suffering cabin

fever could spell disaster for cherry growers, who reply on their trees staying dormant until after the frost

season. A listener recently told us their backyard cherry tree is starting to exhibit bud break, a sign it is

waking up for the year. So we wondered, what does this warm wather mean for commercial cherry growers?

       Isaac Kaplan-Woolner called

BJ Thurlby, president of Northwest Cherry Growers to find out. Thurlby said the warm weather is of no great

concern for the time being, but if it stays this way for a few more weeks growers could be in real trouble.