Suspects Sought in East Wenatchee Armed Robbery

February 10, 2011

Authorities are asking for your help in tracking down two suspects allegedly

involved in an armed robbery Tuesday evening in the East Wenatchee area. Douglas County Undersheriff, Don Culp

tells KOHO/KOZI News the victim walked into the sheriff’s office Wednesday to report he had been robbed the

previous night by two armed men in the driveway of his NorthWest 21st Street home.

The suspect with the

knife was described as an older white male with a white beard, about 5’-6” tall, thin build, wearing a gray

pullover shirt. The bandana was described as white and blue plaid.

The suspect with the gun was

described as a slender male about 5’-5” tall with somewhat short dark hair, wearing a plaid dark blue and white

shirt that was not tucked in and dark jeans. His bandana was dark colored with some sort of print design. The

victim stated he did not know who the suspects were.

Deputies believe the suspects may have parked a

vehicle along the 2100 block of Sunset Highway and walked to the victim’s residence. You’re urged to call

RiverCom Emergency Dispatch (663-9911 if you observed a vehicle parked along the road in the 2100 block of Sunset

around 6:30 PM on February 8th,


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