Study Finds Arsenic in Apple Juice

December 01, 2011

    OK parents, time to listen up. In September the news began circulating that apple

juice might contain high levels of arsenic, which can cause cancer. Now a new study from Consumer Reports has also

found worrisome levels of arsenic in some juices. They are recommending you limit young children’s apple

juice intake to less than 6 ounces per day.
    Isaac Kaplan-Woolner spoke with one of the

scientists involved in the study, Dr. Michael Hansen.

    Dr. Hansen said there is

little concern that adults might be harmed by arsenic in apple juice, because they are proportionally so much

larger than young children and would have to drink a massive amount.

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new study by consumer reports found arnesic, sometimes high levels of the carcinogen, in apple juice. Consumer

Reports, who conducted the latest study, recommends cutting down your child’s consumption of apple juice.

    But what does the apple industry think of these studies? Is there concern that this will

scare people away not only from juice, but from apples in general? Dan Kelly, Assistant Manager of Washington

Growers Clearinghouse Association called the study a scare tactic and sais the results are overblown.