Speeders Beware...Police Are Looking For You

July 14, 2011


Being late for something? That stinks. Getting a speeding ticket to boot? Well, that stinks



"font-size: 14pt">Local authorities are warning drivers they’re starting a speeding emphasis patrol

tomorrow through early August. The emphasis, called “Slow Down Or Pay Up” involves the Chelan and

Douglas County Sheriff’s Offices, the Washington State Patrol, and the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee Police

Departments. Officers say they’ll preach a “no tolerance” attitude during this

patrol…and yes, that means you could earn a ticket for speeding less than five miles per hour over the



"font-size: 14pt">Wenatchee Police Department Captain Doug Jones maintains police aren’t out to hassle or

nickel-and-dime drivers, though. Hear his line of thinking in an interview KOHO’s Clint Strand had with

him on today’s KOHO Morning Show.



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