Fires In Chiwawa River Drainage Remain Small

August 14, 2010

Fast suppression responses to lightning ignited
fires in the Chiwawa River

Drainage are credited to holding several small
fires in check.

The largest fire, the Finner Creek Fire

(formerly referred to as the
Basalt Creek Fire) is approximately 11 acres in size. A hotshot crew will

the fire today and if conditions remain stable, the fire may be lined
as early as tonight. The fire is located

midway up the Chiwawa Drainage,
approximately 12 miles north of Lake Wenatchee, east of the Chiwawa River

Road (FS Road #6200) near Basalt Peak and Minnow Ridge.

The fire is burning in steep, timbered forest

that is impacted by bug kill.
Schaefer Lake (on the opposite side of the drainage) is being be used for

helicopter water sources, to avoid impacts to the Chiwawa River.

Two other small fires became active

yesterday in the same area. McCall Mt.
and Schaefer Creek fire are both in mop-up status. All fires are

lightning strikes from storms earlier in the week.

Several closures are in effect for

firefighter and public safety.

Please respect the following trails and road closures:
Basalt Ridge

Trail #1515
Basalt Pass Trail #1530
Minnow Creek Trail #1539
Chikamin Road #6210

Visitors are reminded that campfire restrictions are in place, please check
with local ranger districts

for current conditions.

For more information contact the Wenatchee River Ranger District,

office- (509) 548-2550, open Monday-Saturday, or the Lake
Wenatchee Office- (509)763-3103 open Thursday-



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