Skyrocketing Cost of Oil Could Mean Less Paved Roads

April 22, 2011

We all know how the rising cost of gasolene

effects our driving habits. But you can also prepare yourself for more potholes and unpaved roads in the future if

the cost of crude oil continues to climb. . . Jeff Wilkins with the Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council says

the situation here could be even more severe due to skyrocketing asphalt costs. In a presentation before the

Chelan County Port District Commission yesterday Wilkins reported that funding generated by the State’s 37 and a

half cent gas tax is not keeping pace with the cost of asphalt. In 1995 a ton of hot-mix asphalt sold for 28

dollars. The cost jumped to 65 dollars last year. . .
Wilkins says the State’s gas tax would have to be

increased by 25 cents a gallon just to keep up with the current cost of crude. . .
The transportation funding

crisis could lead to more local option taxes such as increased car license fees which is being considered in

Douglas County. Wilkins says pursuing local or regional taxes could address at least the highest priority needs.