Skin Diseases Force Cancellation of Eastmont Wrestling Season

January 28, 2011

Eastmont School District’s wrestling program has been cancelled for the rest of the

year after half of the high school’s team was diagnosed with a variety of infectious skin diseases. Eastmont

Superintendant, Garn Christianson met with about 50 students and parents Wednesday after school to announce the

season’s cancellation. The four confirmed skin diseases are Herpes virus simplex 1, Impetigo, Molluscum, and

Ringworm. The school district also canceled the Class 3A regional tournament that was to be hosted by Eastmont on

Feb. 12. All four infections spread mostly by direct skin contact, but also through sweaty surfaces, including

mats, shoes and towels. It was also reported that an Eastmont student not affiliated with the Wrestling team had

also reported a skin infection but that case has not yet been diagnosed.

Superintendant Christianson

discussed the situation in a live interview today on the KOHO Morning Show with Clint Strand


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