Seaport Airlines has Good Intentions, says Airport Manager

January 09, 2012

    The Wenatchee Valley is set to get more connected. A new airline plans 3 flights

every weekday between East Wenatchee and Portland, with a stop in Yakima. But will Seaport Airlines be able to

stick around?
    A recent article in The Oregonian suggested some communities were left with

a bad taste after Seaport added then abandoned service to 5 destinations in less than 3 years.

/>    Some Mayors are crying foul, saying Seaport is only in it for subsidies and free marketing.

But Seaport officials counter that they simply cannot continue service in unprofitable markets.

/>    With service set to start at Pangborn in the spring, it simply remains to be seen how

successful this market will be. But Pangborn Airport officials say they have no reason to doubt Seaport

    Pangborn Airport Manager Greg Phillips joined KOHO’s Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

by phone.