Rick Steves' Marijuana Legalization Tour Comes to Leavenworth

October 09, 2012

       The campaign to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana continues to pick up

steam in Washington State, garnering several high profile co-sponsors. One of those celebrity co-sponsors,

European travel expert Rick Steves, is embarking on a barnstorming tour to raise support for Initiative 502.


Steves will give a talk in Leavenworth on Monday. Isaac Kaplan-Woolner got a preview by


       Monday’s event at Sleeping Lady kicks off at 7pm, and is free for

all to attend. As a side note, Icicle Broadcasting and Sleeping Lady owner Harriet Bullit has made a $100,000

contribution to the yes on I-502 campaign. Her views, as well as those of Mr. Steves, do not necessarily

represent the views of KOHO Radio 101.1.