Regional Fire Authority Planning Moves Forward

November 29, 2010

112610 Regional Fire Authority Planning Committee Meets
SH Friday AM News

A plan to establish a Regional Fire Authority in the Greater Wenatchee area appears to be gaining

momentum. The three entities involved in that planning effort sat down together for the first time Wednesday

morning to organize a process going forward. Steve Hair reports . .

The plan being looked at would involve

replacing Wenatchee City Fire and Rescue, Chelan County Fire District 1 and Douglas County Fire District 2 with a

single regional fire authority which would be funded through a combined taxing district.

The initial

meeting was attended by three Wenatchee City Counselors, three Commissioners each from Chelan and Douglas County

fire districts. The group comprises the planning committee which will be tasked with working out the details of

how the possible merger might be organized.

The three fire agencies already have shared resource and

automatic response agreements in place for fire and emergency services. If the Planning Committee recommends

approval, the Commissioners of both Districts and the Wenatchee City Council would be asked to put the matter up

for a public vote. The timeline for that happening could be as early as next fall.


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