PUD Accepts Federal Fiber Grant

August 25, 2010


County PUD Commissioners today voted to accept a 25 million dollar grant and to proceed with the build-out of the

District’s fiber-optic system to 98 percent of the County. Steve Hair reports . . .

Commissioners met in

special session to decide the fate of the fiber system. Monday night the Board also received input from the public

at another special meeting at the Confluence Technology Center. Prior to the vote the Board members each explained

why they supported the plan even though it will require a 2 to 4 percent electric rate increase to pay for the

PUD’s 8 million dollar share of the expense.

Each of the Commissioners stressed the importance of

maintaining sound business principles going forward given the Utility’s budget shortfalls and longterm debt

burden. After voting to accept the grant the Board then discussed the process for considering the electric rate

increase and the public process that decision will require. The board will discuss that in more detail at their

September 7th meeting.


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