PUD Announces Reduce Your Use Contest Winners

April 04, 2011

Winners in Chelan County PUD’s Reduce Your Use Contest have been announced. First prize went

to Richard and Shirley Ehrenberg of Wenatchee who decreased their energy consumption this winter by 35 percent

over the past three months compared to previous years. Tony and Laura Thompson of Wenatchee, who cut their

electrical use by 24 percent took second place. Taking third place are Nick and Jenn Brunner of Cashmere, who

reduced their use by 23 percent.
The top three winners will be awarded prizes but PUD Energy Conservation

manager, Mark Weiser says all nine of the homeowners entered in the contest are winners. .When you add up the

total amount of energy saved by all nine of the contestants over the last three months you get a better idea of

how much energy is wasted . .

The Ehrenbergs will receive a $500 gift certificate donated by Walmart. The

Thompsons will receive a $250 gift certificate from Community Glass. The Brunners will enjoy a $100 gift

certificate donated by Stan’s Merry Mart.
Weiser says you can check out for yourself the improvements each of

the contestants made to their homes by logging on to the Chelan County PUD Website. A link is available on