New Lead in 8-month-old Cowell Murder Investigation *UPDATED*

October 06, 2010

    **An arrest has been made in the Mackenxie Cowell murder case. We

are awaiting further details.**


The Mackenzie Cowell murder investigation got a fresh lead

today, and the task force leapt into action. Cowell, 17, was last seen Feb. 9 in Wenatchee and her car was found

abandoned up Pitcher Canyon in the Squilchuck area later that day. Her body was found Feb. 13 near the Columbia

River at Crescent Bar.

Wenatchee police chief Tom Robbins said teams are conducting interviews and serving

several search warrants at multiple locations to gather information and potential evidence.
Robbins would not

say how the lead was generated, or if there are any suspects at this point in the 8month old murder investigation.

But this is the first publicized lead in the case since the brand of knife used to kill Cowell was released in

The Cowell case was featured on the America’s Most Wanted website beginning in


KOHO will have more on this developing story as we move through the afternoon and tomorrow.



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