Man Accused in Good Samaritan Death Pleads Not Guilty

June 15, 2011

A man has pleaded not guilty in the death of

a good Samaritan who attempted to help him with his stalled vehicle. 50 year old Juan Gonzalez-Gonzalez was

arraigned today in Chelan County Superior Court on charges of first degree manslaughter, Assault and attempting to

disarm a police officer. The charges stem from a June second incident when Gonzalez-Gonzalez allegedly knocked 50

year Juan Guadalupe Garcia unconscious after Garcia tried to lend him assistance. Garcia later died from a head

injury. Gonzalez-Gonzalez is also accused of resisting arrest and trying to wrestle the gun from the arresting

officer. An August 2 trial date was set by Judge Leslie Allen. If convicted of manslaughter, Gonzalez could face

life in prison and/or a50-thousand dollar fine


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