Lunch With Lincoln

July 03, 2013

No Abraham Lincoln isn't back from the

dead. Well, not exactly. A gentleman by the name of Leon McKinney adopts the garb and identity of our

16th president. He plays the part well and seems to know everything there is to know about Mr.


McKinney has been portraying Abe Lincoln for about a year now. He spent the

last year visiting elementary schools around the valley and a few classes at Wenatchee Valley College. He loves

bringing history alive for the students and he said the students enjoy getting to meet Honest Abe.

"MsoNormal">As tomorrow the nation will be celebrating its 237th Independence Day,

McKinney wants everyone to have a chance to meet Abraham Lincoln. Tomorrow at noon, Mr. Lincoln will be at the

Pybus Public Market.

Lunch With Lincoln will feature three

vignettes about Lincoln -  the true story of the Gettysburg Address,

fun stories of Lincoln’s children, and the happiest day of Lincoln’s life. There will be time for

questions afterwards and a booth for people to donate to McKinney's scholarship fundraising non-profit