Local Teachers Union Leader Objects to Salary Cuts Contained in State Budget

May 25, 2011

A tentative agreement

to fill Washington state's $5 billion budget shortfall includes cuts to teacher salaries.
Details of the $32

billion spending plan released Tuesday include a 1.9 percent cut for teacher pay and a 3 percent cut for other K-

12 employees. Those changes will save the state $179 million over the next two years. Lawmakers are also moving to

suspend voter-approved cost-of-living adjustments for education employees, saving another $300 million.

employees face a 3 percent salary reduction, something that hasn't happened in decades of recent recordkeeping.

Teachers are obviously disappointed with the budget cuts. Meanwhile, Budget negotiators say they ended up

making budget reductions totaling $4.6 billion. They covered an additional $500 million largely by transferring

funds from various accounts.

Wenatchee Bureau Chief Steve Hair spoke with Eastmont Education Association

President, Tammy Grubb to get a sense of how the cuts are being greeted by local teachers…


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