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State Treasurer Will Ask Legislature for Loan to Cover Town Toyota Center   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - October 31, 2011
With just 3 days to seal the deal to avoid default, the stakes are very high.

Gregoire's Budget Would Significantly Impact Prisons and Probation   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - October 31, 2011
The Department of Corrections is bracing for another round of cuts that could let prisoners out 5 months early and reduce supervision time for all offenders.

WVC President Reacts To Governor's Proposed Budget Cuts   

October 31, 2011
3 years of cuts have already taken their toll, said Jim Richardson, and there is little left to cut.

Travel Guru Rick Steves Wants Marijuana Legalized in Washington   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - October 31, 2011
The travel expert said prohibition has failed, and Europe is a good model for the benefits of legalization.

Governor Proposes Stark Budget Cuts   

October 28, 2011
A 15% cut to higher education, ending healthcare programs for the poor, cutting school levy equalization in half, and many more cuts were proposed Thursday by Gregoire to fill a $2 billion gap.

COOKING LOCAL Masala Chai Spiced Pear Upside Down Cake   

October 28, 2011
Instead of gorging on Halloween candy, try this exotic adult sweet treat instead.

Lake Chelan Ferry Fight heads to Court   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - October 20, 2011
Resort owners in Stehekin say the state is supporting Lake Chelan Boat Co's monopoly.

Fixing America Starts with Family Farms and Dinner Tables, says Salatin   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - October 21, 2011
Farming superstar Joel Salatin has a released a new book, "Folks, This Ain't Normal: A Farmer's Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World".

Occupy Wenatchee Protesters are in for the Long Haul   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - October 18, 2011
A small group stands on the corner in front of the Bank of America building downtown, and say they plan to protest daily for the foreseeable future.

Late Grape Season Pesents Problems for Local Winery   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - October 17, 2011
Boudreaux Cellars outside Leavenworth could lose millions if a statewide freeze wipes out the grape harvest, which is at least 3 weeks behind schedule.

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