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Cooking Local Mama's Latkes   

December 14, 2012
Isaac calls on his mom for a Hanukkah recipe in this classic edition of Cooking Local.

Beat The Holiday Blues   

Clint Strand - December 13, 2012
Dr. Julie Rickard joins CLint Strand with tips for beating depression during the holiday season.

More Stores Selling Cigarette to Minors   

December 13, 2012
16% of stores illegally sold to underage tobacco buyers this year, up from 11% last year. Meanwhile, the state is devoting less money to tobacco prevention.

WA Health Insurance Exchange Gets Green Light   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - December 12, 2012
Washington was one of six states to get the early approval to set up the health insurance exchange announced Monday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Outdoor Report   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - December 12, 2012
With lots of fresh snow, there is a lot to discuss in outdoor recreation!

Senator Parlette Prepares for January Legislative Session   

Clint Strand - December 11, 2012
With republicans effectively taking control of the senate, and another big budget debate ahead, Parlette said she has a lot to prepare for.

2nd Time's a Charm: Local Lesbian Couple Plans June Wedding   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - December 11, 2012
Although they were married 10 years ago, Barb Andre and Lori Van Lith are excited to have their union officially recognized by the state now that gay marriage is legal in Washington.

Help in a Snap   

Clint Strand - December 10, 2012
Wenatchee Help Portrait was this Saturday. Organizer Chris Ohta stopped by to talk about the program that looked to uplift through photography.

Arts Corner Leavenworth Village Voices   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - December 10, 2012
This community choir has become a beloved holiday tradition for many.

Rat Bite Fever Confirmed Locally   

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner - December 07, 2012
A rare bacterial disease incubated in rats has been found on both sides of the Columbia.

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