Local Churches Help Community Honor Fallen Policemen, Deal with Violence

December 07, 2009


The Lakewood cop killer is dead, but his violent acts still hang in the air.

Maurice Clemmons, who gunned down four Lakewood police officers at a coffee shop November 30th, was shot and

killed by a policeman in Seattle December 1st. That put an end to a massive manhunt and refocused law enforcement

on the task of grieving for their fallen comrades.

"font-size: 14pt">       A substantial gathering is expected in the Tacoma Dome

tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) as police, elected officials, and concerned citizens join together to honor the


       As the northwest works through these acts of shocking violence, two local

churches will hold special services Tuesday in solidarity with those gathered in Tacoma. Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

spoke with Pastor Alex Schmidt abuot the services, and about how he is helping his congregation deal with


       Again, a special "Service

of Gratitude" to honor the Lakewood police officers will be held (tomorrow) Tuesday, December 8th at 12 noon

at two locations: Celebration Lutheran Church in East Wenatchee and Faith Lutheran Church in


The public and local law enforcement personnel and their families are invited to attend

this service.  For more information, contact Celebration Lutheran Pastor David Haven, 884.3817, or Faith

Lutheran Pastor Alex Schmidt, 548.7012.



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