Leavenworth Spirits Readying for Competition

May 31, 2012

It was a rush to get open for Memorial Day, but

Leavenworth's only liquor store managed to get the shelves stocked. They closed down for inventory on Tuesday,

and won't open agian until Friday. By then, the entire liquor landscape will have drastically changed.

/>Friday is the day the voter approved liquor privatization initiative goes into effect. In Leavenworth, that

means both Dan's Food Market and Safeway will have hard alcohol on hand. The big question for consumers is how

much those bottles will cost now that there is competition in the marketplace. And for what was once Leavenworth

's only place to buy spirits, the big question is if competing with supermarkets will work. Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

stopped by as final renovations and restocking was underway.