Leavenworth Recycling 'Around the Corner'

October 19, 2009


       Leavenworth City Administrator Dave Torgler says after months of

discussion with Waste Management, residential recycling pick-up is right around the corner

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       Torgler says a draft proposal has been sent to Waste Management, and

Leavenworth is awaiting a contract to review. Twice-monthly pickup would cost an estimated $7.90 per month.


"font-size: 14pt">       It’s been a hot topic for years: why doesn’t

Leavenworth have curbside recycling pickup? Well, after a long wait, Torgler says you could be setting out glass,

aluminum, and paper for Waste Management to pickup and recycle as soon as December 1st.

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       Isaac Kaplan-Woolner asked Torgler for the details.

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