Leavenworth Pastor Gets out the Vote, Explains his Support of R-74

October 26, 2012


"font-size: 14pt">Pastor Alex Schmidt leads the congregation at Faith Lutheran Church in Leavenworth. Always

outspoken about social justice and civic duty, Pastor Schmidt has the upcoming elections on his


       Faith Lutheran leads citizenship classes and helps immigrants complete the

challenging process of becoming Americans. Pastor Schmidt says this is one of the things that has caused him to

put a high importance on voting and participating in the democratic process, because it is something that many of

us take for granted.

       Faith Lutheran also hosted a same sex couple in their church last Sunday,

to talk about their experiences and thoughts on gay marriage. Pastor Schmidt supports gay marriage and referendum

74, though he notes that he does not speak on behalf of his congregation. Isaac Kaplan-Woolner sat down Pastor

Schmidt to talk about the elections, and how his faith lead him to support R-74. Schidt says his God is loving and

compassionate, and would affirm the love between two adults regardless of their gender.

"margin: 0in 0in 0pt">       The views of Pastor

Alex Schmidt do not necessarily constitute the views of Icicle Broadcasting.