Leavenworth Liquor Fights to Stay Open

December 20, 2011


Liquor will be sold in private stores next summer in Washington State, after passage of Initiative 1183. State

liquor stores will close as stores like Costco and Safeway clear shelf space for booze.

But privately owned liquor stores that currently contract with the state will have the option to stay open. That

is, provided they can afford to buy the large and valuable inventory of bottles currently stocked by the state.

/>    Leavenworth’s liquor store is one such privately owned contract store. And owner Julie

Ganas said they plan to fight to stay open in the newly competitive marketplace. But it represents a huge

financial challenge.
    For now, Ganas plans to keep the shelves fully stocked through the

busy holiday season, and seek other creative solutions to her financial quandry.