Leavenworth Brewery 85% Complete

January 21, 2011

Supposedly, Benjamin Franklin said that

beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Well if Franklin visited Leavenworth today, he’d

have all the more reason to be happy. Owner Oliver Brulotte said Icicle Brewing Company is 85% built, and the beer

will start flowing come spring.

The brewery on the east end of Front Street will focus largely on

craft beer production and keg sales to area restaurants. Brulotte said the tasting room will offer tipplers an

immersive experience overlooking the brewing floor.

 Initially there will be three Northwest style

ales and three German style lagers on tap, with seasonal selections to follow. Brewmaster Dean Priebe comes from a

home brewing background, and he brings a secret weapon to Icicle Brewing: Priebe Porter.



brewery building is nearly complete, and the first batches should start fermenting in about a month. The Brulottes

hope to have Icicle Brewing Company open by April or May.