Land Trust Opposes White River Ponds

July 14, 2011

A controversy is brewing over the Grant County PUD’s plans for salmon restoration work on the

White River. The PUD has applied for permits to Chelan County and government agencies to build ponds and tanks on

18 acres of wetlands it purchased north of Lake Wenatchee.


Grant County PUD hopes to

begin construction by May 2012 and be operational by fall 2013. It would fill the ponds with water from the White

River to hold and acclimate about 150,000 spring Chinook smolts. Migratory fish held in river water imprint to

that waterway and hopefully return there to spawn.

Grant County’s proposed

salmon acclimation ponds on the White River have a number of detractors, including the Chelan Douglas Land Trust.

The Land Trust owns 400 acres of land next to the Grant County PUD site.
Executive director Bob Bugert said

the preservation of the pristine White River, in its natural state, is a main concern for the Land Trust:



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