Investigators Release Key Clue in Cowell Murder Investigation

July 15, 2010

Police working on the Mackenzie Cowell murder investigation have revealed a key piece of

evidence in the hope of getting fresh tips that could lead to an arrest.

Captain Doug Jones,

spokesman of the Cowell Homicide Task Force, talked to sister station KOZI News Editor Jennifer Marshall this



A press release also said two of these knife sets

were given away 5T’s Restaurant and Lounge in East Wenatchee. However, it’s unknown if the missing

knife came from a set that was given away at that establishment.

Investigators have been

pursuing a different lead since last month.

Captain Jones said they’ve interviewed several

subjects relating to the tip, and they’re attempting to locate others who may have information.

Mackenzie Cowell, an 18-year-old Wenatchee student, was reported missing the afternoon of February


Her body was found on the Columbia River shoreline in Crescent Bar on February


Once again, anyone who may have information is asked to call 663-9911.