If you thought that what’s happening in Egypt doesn’t affect you, think again. . .

February 04, 2011


State’s agriculture industry could be significantly impacted by the political turmoil occurring in the

Middle East. Wenatchee Bureau Chief Steve Hair spoke with two industry leaders who shared their concerns . . .

Washington Apple Commission President Todd Fryhover and Washington Grain Alliance President Tom Mick describe the

Middle East as a Volatile but major export market. Both express concerns about the current instability of the

region. Fryhover says The Apple Commission operates several marketing offices in the region . . .

Washington’s grain growers are even more dependant on foreign trade. Washington Grain Alliance President,

Tom Mick says the Middle East is a major market but that it varies from year to year . . In our trade dependant

State the potential loss of export markets could severly impact our economic well being.


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