How To Make a Homesteaders Farm House Energy Efficient

January 04, 2011

William Howard Taft was

President when Nick and Jenn Brunner’s home was built in Cashmere. Almost a century later the two story farm house

on Flowery Divide is one of nine homes competing in Chelan County PUD’s Reduce Your Use contest. KOHO/KOZI news

talked with Brunner about the house and what it needs to become more energy efficient .

Wenatchee Bureau

Chief Steve Hair talked with Brunner about the contest and how he plans to make his home more energy efficient . .

Steve will check back in with the Brunner’s later this month to see what progress they’ve made. We’ll

also do a status report on the Freeman family of Three Lakes to see how they’re progressing with their home


The Reduce Your Use contest concludes at the end of March.


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