High River Flows Prompts Warning From PUD

June 01, 2011

Chelan County PUD has issued

a high-water warning for its parklands along the Columbia River.

High River flows have forced the district

to close its boat launch at Hydropark near East Wenatchee. Officials also urge caution for anyone using parks near

the river. The Orondo Street boat dock is open but the dock may be unusable at times according to a news release

issued by the PUD.

The PUD's warning comes as a result of large spills from Grand Coulee Dam to the North.

The higher flows must be passed through the smaller reservoirs contained by Wells, Rocky Reach and Rock Island

Dams causing flooding in some lower lying areas. Boaters are also advised to stay alert to increased floating

debris such as logs.

Those interested can check river flow volumes on the Chelan County PUD website under

"fish counts and lake levels" in the "quick start" menu. Instantaneous flows at the PUD’s two dams on the

Columbia are tracked and posted.

For the latest information on parks conditions, call 661-4551.