Governor Gregoire Introduces Gay Marriage Legislation

January 05, 2012

    Gay marriage may become legal in Washington state. Gov. Chris

Gregoire said Wednesday she wants Washington to become the seventh state in the nation to permit same sex couples

to marry.
    She said at a news conference she'll introduce legislation that, if passed,

would allow gay and lesbian couples to wed. In 2009 the Legislature passed, and voters later upheld, a bill that

greatly expanded the rights of same-sex domestic partners. That measure was known as the "everything but

marriage" bill. Nearly 19,000 people in Washington state are registered as domestic partners.

/>    Of course, gay marriage brings out strong opinions. Some groups are very much in favor, and

other groups vehemently oppose the bill.
    Today we will look at the issue from both sides.

In November, a coalition called Washington United for Marriage announced it would lobby the Legislature to approve

a gay marriage this year. Equal Rights Washington is a member of that coalition and lobbies in support of gay

marriage. We spoke with Director of Marriage Equality Josh Friedes.
    We also reached Pastor

Ken Hutchinson of Kirkland’s Antioch Bible Church, spokesman for a newly formed coalition opposed to gay

marriage in Washington.
    The legislature is set to reconvene for its regular session next