Good Samaritan Dies After Being Knocked Unconcious by Driver He Was Trying to Help

June 06, 2011

A good Samaritan assaulted while

trying to help a man with apparent car troubles died over the weekend. Wenatchee Police officials say Juan

Guadelupe Garcia died Saturday night after suffering a serious head injury after getting punched by 50 year old

Juan Gonzalez. Garcia approached Gonzalez’s car after it appeared the vehicle was disabled in a Wenatchee

intersection last week. Gonzalez then allegedly assaulted a police officer who tried to apprehend him.

Investigators say they still don’t have a motive for the attack.
Wenatchee Police Sergeant John Kruse said this

is a tragic set of circumstances, especially taking into account the man suffered fatal injuries in the act of

being a Good Samaritan…but that being said, we shouldn’t fear simple acts of kindness towards each other.

said prosecutors are likely to amend charges pending against Gonzalez in light of Garcia’s death.


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