Fire Season Pretty Cool This Year So Far

July 28, 2011


"font-size: 14pt">One month ago, forecasters said while we had a cool and wet spring, we should prepare for a

drier and hotter than normal July and August.


style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt">By our standards, July was anything but dry

and hot. What does this do to the fire forecast for the rest of the summer? U-S Forest Service Acting

Fire Staff Officer Richie Harrod says while the upcoming extreme fire season should be much shorter, danger still

lurks before the start of fall.

For right now, though, fire danger is near an all-time low for late

July, because of those cooler temperatures and above average rain amounts. Firefighters saw the

spring’s effect in the aftermath of thunder and lightning storms that rolled through the valley earlier in

the week, with blazes mopped up much earlier than usual.

Harrod said that Forest

Service officials are looking forward to new long-range weather forecasts for the late summer and early fall, due

to come out in early August.




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