Electric Trolleys Delayed Yet Again

October 06, 2011

They were

supposed to be on the road a year ago. LINK Transit’s electric trolley fleet have faced numerous delays, and

officials now say the Current line likely won’t be operational until the spring.

The latest setbacks are cracks and leaks forming in the battery cooling system due to temperature fluctuations

stressing contact points between different metals. The California manufacturer, Ebus, says they are working on the

problem and will deliver new systems to the two trolleys that have already been delivered. Ebus is also working

out kinks with the rapid charging station.
    Eric Link joined KOHO’s Isaac Kaplan-

Woolner by phone to talk about when the 5 electric trolleys might actually be operational, and if the cutting edge

project still seems like a good decision.
    The LINK electric 2 trolleys that are already in

Wenatchee will be on display today at the GWATA tech center at Olds Station.



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