Eastmont Prepares for Start of School Modernization

March 09, 2011

Eastmont’s school modernization project is proceeding on schedule. Superintendant, Garn

Christianson reports that over the course of the last two months engineers and architects have been involved in

the final planning and design work. Last fall voters approved a 30 million dollar bond measure to upgrade three

campuses, Grant Elementary, Sterling Middle School and Eastmont High School. Christianson says construction work

is scheduled to start at Grant School later this summer . .

Christianson says the District will make it

easy for residents to track the progress of construction via webcam

The total cost of the construction

comes in at about 75 million dollars factoring in State equalization dollars. The legislature will consider the

State’s 44 million dollars in matching funds when they begin debate on the budget later this session.


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