Douglas County Dstrict Two Fire Chief Recaps Badger Fire

August 04, 2010

Douglas County District Two Fire Chief,

Chuck Fenton says he never considered last night’s fire on Badger Mountain as a major threat to homes in the area.

Fenton says he was confident that there was adequate structure protection in place to stave off the wind-whipped

wild fire

At its height the fire closed to about 400 yards to the nearest home in the Canyon Hills

subdivision. The fire consumed about 2000 acres of brush, cheat grass and and dry wheatland before it was put out

around midnight. Fenton says what Mother nature started with a lightning strike, she also helped put it out.

Douglas County district two crews were joined on the fire by crews from Waterville District 1 and Chelan

County. Two DNR Helicopters also doused the fire with water bucket drops in the early evening hours.


above for Fenton's interview with Wenatchee Bureau Chief Steve Hair


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