Court Battle Slows Wenatchee Red Light Camera Initiative Campaign

April 20, 2011

A signature gathering campaign to put

Wenatchee’s red light camera law before voters this fall may not make it to the ballot. Matt Erickson is the man

who has organized the petition drive but he’s also trying to defend his initiative campaign against a court

challenge by the City of Wenatchee. . .
The petition calls for a public vote on the future of the red light

camera ordinance. Erickson’s group, “We The People” argues that the city ordinance was implemented solely for

purpose of generating revenue. But the City contends that the initiative process does not extend to the City

Council’s legislative authority to protect public safety and is challenging the campaign in Court. Erickson’s

original petition included several conservative organizations as co-litigants in the case. But he was issued a

setback in a ruling handed down this week in Chelan County Superior Court. Steve Hair reports . .


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