Columbia Valley Community Health Clinic Copes with Loss of State Grant Funding

December 07, 2010

Columbia Valley Community Health Clinic in

Wenatchee will feel the money pinch next year as a result of the State’s suspension of grant funding for migrant

health care.
About $5.3 million in monthly grants to community health clinics around the state will be

suspended through June. Columbia Valley Community Health’s administrator, Patrick Bucknam says that will mean a

400-thousand dollar loss in next year’s budget. Steve Hair spoke with Bucknam about the funding cuts . . .

clinic cuts are part of Gov. Chris Gregoire's attempts to cover a deficit in the current state budget. The state

Health Care Authority says that could be changed under a supplemental budget approved by the Legislature.

Spokesman Jim Stevenson says the agency already made $9.8 million in cuts after Gov. Chris Gregoire ordered

across-the-board cuts in September. But those previous reductions hadn't affected the clinic grants.


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