Coalition of Stakeholders Have New Ideas for Hatchery

January 28, 2010

    With stimulus dollars off the table, the Leavenworth National

Fish Hatchery must decide a new strategy for fixing their aging water intake system. At a public meeting held

yesterday in Leavenworth, Acting Hatchery Complex Manager Steve Croci said they were putting the project

momentarily on hold, and deciding on a new process.
    The meeting was hosted by the

Leavenworth Hatchery Task Group, a new coalition of concerned citizens. The meeting signaled the gathering

strength of public opinion seeking to guide development of the Hatchery on the Icicle River.
And the new

proposal from the public may well include new water recycling technologies:
    Hatchery Task

Group facilitator Dan Evans said there is a unique opportunity for the Icicle River.

Kaplan-Woolner sat down with a few of the principal parties behind these new ideas for the Leavenworth


012810 hatchery task group—07:26
“thank you”

/>    Much remains to be decided at the Leavenworth Hathcery. Complex Manager Steve Croci said Fish

& Wildlife and the Bureau of Reclamation are “stepping back and taking a breather.” KOHO News will

have an update as soon as the next phase of the water intake project is decided.



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