Cheri Farivar Running for Leavenworth Mayor

May 11, 2011


first candidate has stepped forward in the race for Mayor of Leavenworth. Real estate appraiser Cheri Farivar

serves on city council. She said she was drafted by constituents to change the climate at city hall.

/> Farivar announced her candidacy for mayor in an exclusive interview with KOHO’s Isaac Kaplan-


 As for current Mayor Rob Eaton, he has until June 6th, the filing deadline, to decide if he

will run for re-election. Eaton is juggling a busy schedule and a job he recently took with Amtrak for which he

must periodically tavel.
 At this point the Mayor isn’t saying one way or the other if he intends

to run again.

 So as of this point only Cheri Farivar has officially entered the field for mayor of

Leavenworth in the November election.


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